~Healing with Heart ~

About Us:

Welcome! We are Jovan and Priscilla; together we are Sacred Elements. We use the Sacred Elemental Forces of Nature to provide the service of clearing and realigning the energetic bodies by removing blockages that hinder healing and self-empowerment. By combining healing techniques that have been used for millennia with our own unique intuitive approach, we provide our clients with renewed energy and perspective in their healing journey. Clients observe a noticeable shift in their energy field from before the session to after.

"Both Practitioners work with the Chakras as their focal point. Using singing bowls and other therapeutic instruments, Priscilla administers powerful sound therapy directed at blockages that need clearing in order to remove energetic density. Jovan works with Reiki to channel Angelic healing energies needed for the client, while also utilizing Tuning Forks and Crystals. The combination of these techniques provides a unique healing experience.

Each session is customized for the client. They target issues needing the most assistance and then work together with the client to tailor a method for an effective transformation. This experience is designed to activate all of the senses, allowing for deeper immersion into the heart space. Clients actively participate in the Ceremony, which is aimed to act as a catalyst for an individual’s continued expansion.

Priscilla and Jovan are firm believers in “You get what you put in”... and this is where the magic begins..."

~ Priscilla Calvo is a certified Usui Reiki Master & Sound Administrator; Jovan Illa is a certified Usui & Karuna Reiki Practitioner. ~

Love, Light & Blessings!