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As Reiki Practitioners and sound facilitators, we hold sacred space for your intentions to eliminate whatever holds you back from living your fullest life. We have a selection of services to assist you in relaxing, grounding, exploring, clearing, healing, empowering and uplifting your Spirit. 

W​h​at our clients are saying

... I arrived at a lovely home in Northridge, CA and was welcomed with open arms and smiles from two beautiful souls. I was led to an outdoor intimate sanctuary surrounded by trees. We sat and connected to set my goal/intentions to have my past trauma cleansed including cord cutting... WOW these two women guided me to that goal. The energy vibrations of the bowls along with affirmations was truly an eye-opening experience. At the end of my session, I was served a wonderful bowl of homemade soup to ground me as we discussed the session... I was gifted an Affirmations Guide that specifically represented what I came there to do. This experience will always resonate with me. These wonderful queens are amazing LIGHT WORKERS. I definitely recommend these women and their practice....

-Turrell Mugica, client

...Sacred Elements sessions and moon ceremonies, to me, has been a transformation of self. It always brings me a little moment of wakening mixed in with a lucid dream. It's really hard in this chaotic life to find a moment of Zen. Sacred Elements is able to help me with that. Even for an hour or two, it helps bring me to center for days and months afterward. Powerful, inspiring, and positive in every sense!

-Yeva Mousiadis, client

...The ladies of Sacred Elements, Jovan and Priscilla, provide excellent healing services! Their sound bath and Reiki sessions have provided me peace, relaxation, and insight, and they truly are professional in their practice. I will definitely utilize their services again.

-Patrick Dale, client

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